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Raymond Reddington

!!EVENT!! HAVOC Tax Relief

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When HAVOC was formed they invested a large sum of money in small businesses located in the United Kingdom due to Brexit the share price in the businesses collapsed on there self. This caused HAVOC to lose a large sum of money. Due to poor government organisation and lack of economic advisers they didn’t understand how to regain their lost funds. Until a retired police command member came with an understanding of economics join HAVOC and offered them the opportunity to boost their own small businesses growth in order to grow their economy, After realising the main cost of small businesses in the HAVOC lands were Import and Export tariffs costing HAVOC businesses thousands a day. So in order to grow small businesses for a 24 hour period, all visa costs and tariffs will be VETOed on order of General Zinner. Furthermore HAVOC protection services will be reduced by 50%. From the hours of 00:00 13/01/18 to 00:00 14/01/18. All of the above will be in effect. Mass HAVOC protection presence will be in their territories on roads and at key sites for runs. Protecting importers and exporters on their runs. 

All are welcome to benefit from this event. Protection in HAVOC lands is free with patrols on rotation and stationed guards. To help us better coordinate the defence of you guys please PM me the run or runs that you, your gang or friends will be doing this will allow me to focus manpower. The more of you that message the more information I will have to base my plan for coverage. If you have any questions PM me or leave a comment. For protection in Police lands, you will need to pay half the normal price all prices can be seen in our handbook

Please tell your friends and spread the word! See you out there.

HAVOC Head Of Archives And Generals Aid 

Raymond Reddington


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