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Lil Swizz

Altis Freedom Force

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Fozzy    1

What is your in-game name?

Fozzy Xan

How old are you?


Any Previous bans? If so please state them:


Detailed character RP story:

I was born and raised on Altis until my mother was killed in a drug related attack. Following this my father and I moved to Stratis where I was again living in a drug infested area. After I reached the age of 21 I began training to be a police officer on Altis. I finally finished my training and I moved to Kavala. I later made a bad name for myself with the police due to my past and I was fired for reasons I am yet to understand. But this was when I realised that I did not want to fight petty criminals any more. I wanted to be a part of something much bigger like a professional organisation like AFF.

Why do you wish to join AFF?

I know that the AFF are something of a brotherhood when it comes to the bond between every single member. I personally believe I could be a valuable asset to the AFF, and I want to be a part of that brotherhood.

Have you ever encountered AFF before? If so what was the experience like?

Every time I run into AFF whilst doing drug runs or just in general, they have always offered help and been very respectful and kind.

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Larry    1

What is your in-game name? Larry

How old are you? 16

Any Previous bans? If so please state them: nop

Detailed character RP story:Always wanted to be part of a brother hood. When I was a kid, I’d always have to take care of myself. Both my parents fully addicted to alcohol and drugs. There was no money, no solicitude, barely enough food. It was rough. Living. But, I didn’t quit. I worked my ass off every day, just to survive. I started working with some other kids, they didn’t look too well themselves. Slowly we started developing a friendship, a brother hood. It was amazing. I felt like no one would ever be able to touch us, as if we were invincible. As we got older, we started doing dirty work. Assassinating ugly people, selling drugs, shooting up gangs. U name it. We were the unstoppable. We could do any job, perfectly. Everyone feared us. One day it got to us that we always did things, for others. How about we start doing things for ourselves. We wanted to grow even stronger. So we started doing things for ourselve. We wanted to grow even stronger, so we started making alliances with others. The first group we talked was named, Altis Freedom Force [AFF]. We talked to them, and my boys and I fell in love. This was the other half of our brother hood. They were the boys, which we needed to be complete. From then on, we had three important messages to the world. Steal from the rich. Give to the poor. and if u mess with the bull you´ll get with the horns.

  Why do you wish to join AFF? I love rp. and thats what we´re aboout. also i like the community a lot. 

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Join AFF Open room on ts.phoenixrp.co.uk whenever possible and message Gen. Swizz, Col. Stewart, Maj. JBowlerr, Maj. Jake, Cpt. Ashton or Cpt. Roy

to have your interview :) 

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