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Harry / MK-1

Ban Appeal - MK-1 - 10/11/17

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Harry / MK-1    182


Time Submitted: 07:23:51 PM | 10/11/17
Submitted By: Harry / MK-1 (1640)

In-Game Name:

Steam / Player ID:

Administrator who issued ban:

Date of ban:

In your opinion, why were you banned?:
I used a method to dupe items, I got told about a method and tried it for the first time for myself, i didn't think it would work (I've now been told it's common on a few servers). *If you would like to know what the method is and how to do it step by step pm on ts me as I wish for this method to get patched to stop everyone and anyone from doing it, sorry for using it I was testing in all honesty. *

What reason was given for your ban?
Duping gear.

Why should you be unbanned?
I haven't broken any rules prior to this one or been banned, in the time of me being banned I have gone over all the rules once again and know that being banned isn't fun. I know I was in the wrong for duping and have took my punishment fair and square I also know duping isn't an option in the future since the ban will be permanent and you gain nothing from duping since you lose everything I also understand I shouldn't even be in this position because I shouldn't have even tried the method in the first place.
If I’m being honest I’ve been part of this community for a little over a month and I seem to be having a right good old time; I’ve tried to help this server as much as I can with suggestions e.c.t so I personally would love to be part of Phoenix RPs 1-year event. From what I’ve read looks like an amazing event which will bring the community closer and bring in newer players and I’d like to partake in this event since I am a part within this community ?.

As you may already know i'm one to help the community; i love trying to expand it and help it grow; helping newer players within the side chat, TS and also in-game giving them money to try start up.

Thanks for reading the appeal, sorry for any inconvenience caused to the staff team and dissapointment, hope to see you all soon. - MK-1 / Harry [ツ™].

What platform / server were you banned on?:
Altis Life (Server 1)

Link to initial report (if applicable):
Haven't got one.

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Victor    286

@Tim & I were involved with this Ban.

At first he Soft Logged catching Tim's attention, He then watched him and asked me to watch over for a second opinion. He then decided to drop all his gear into the crate until he was naked then he was kicked (Client not responding) by an unknown admin.

Some time later around 5-10 Mins he logs in fully geared, At which point @Tim steps in to intervene and check his items to see many items of the same kind.

We changed the Ban from T3 Perm & Wipe to T1 With a Wipe as he finally admitted to doing it and was willing to co-operate with us.

I believe he deserves the full T1 Ban for abusing but it's up to another staff member to decide.

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Harry / MK-1    182

I feel as thought this punishment is really harsh and the fact I have been wiped i feel is a punishment in its self. I earnt everything on my account legit; perks money and houses. I consider my few days banned and the full wipe a lesson learnt. 

I would like to take part in this one year event it would be a real ashame to miss it.

As i said before, sorry to dissapoint hope to see you all soon. - MK-1.

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Tom Stark    21



The reason this is as followers.

To my understanding you actively knew you were going to dupe the items, however if you had found out a way to dupe or heard of a way you should have contacted a member of staff and brought it to the attention. Because you admitted this @Victor has kindly already reduced this to a 14 day ban which was 3 days ago in, I believe that this isn't long enough for you be issued an unban because you haven't sat through half of it. Also the fact that your gear was wiped is standard procedure of any duper and cannot be reversed.


I understand you want to come to this event however you still need to follow the circumstances of your actions



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