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1 Year of PhoenixRP + EVENT!

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Magicz    139
5 minutes ago, Dextrinity7 said:

-1 no rp in this event, aren't we an rp community? this could easily be used as an event for a KOTH server 

Bet your fun at partys 👀😂 

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Harry / MK-1    113
9 hours ago, Dextrinity7 said:

-1 no rp in this event, aren't we an rp community? this could easily be used as an event for a KOTH server 

The whole idea of the event is fragging.. Kevin states that anyone who brings quality RP into the event will get personal rewards

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Crackerz    0

@Kevin Don't know if I've missed some information at some point, but will it be possible to come on as medic during the event? If so are there many rule changes? For example would combat reviving rule be still applied or not, who to revive first, which faction to give aid to etc. Last thing any special sort of rewards for being a medic during the event, I understand if not. Thanks in advance!

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Nick    91
On 10/11/2017 at 10:56 PM, Raymond Reddington said:

Shout out to the staff team @Victor, @Tom Stark, @Raymond Reddington@Jelle, @Wolf, @FoxHound, @Ryan Wilson, @Thomas Malteser and @Jeffers. Even bigger shout out to the staff leads who work incredibly hard to keep the staff team at it best @Kayle Ravelle and @Cryant . Let go for another year together all of you and keep this community going. 

You forgot the best admin, @Tim

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Kevin    1101
17 hours ago, Dextrinity7 said:

-1 no rp in this event, aren't we an rp community? this could easily be used as an event for a KOTH server 

RP shouldn't be induced... It should be natural.

This is the kind of event people want, that is what we will give them. It's as simple as that

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Randy    59
On ‎11‎/‎10‎/‎2017 at 7:47 PM, Kevin said:


1 Year Of PhoenixRP!

Woah, people say time flies when you're having fun, but hot dayum that went fast. From day 1 we had the image to evolve and create not a server, but a community and at this stage I can happily say we have done just that. PhoenixRP was our way out of bureaucracy and bullshit, we aimed to create a community people could just sit back, relax and enjoy playing. I am proud of what we have created and what we have on the horizon.

PhoenixRP has been here for 1 year, but we don't intend that to be our last. We have many more years to come. Over this time we will also have much more content coming for the community to play and enjoy. I never really thought there was enough space for another Altis Life community with the other 'big dogs' out there, but we proved that its not just about the game but the people that play the game. We are grateful to have had such a great player base who play on our servers and communicate on TeamSpeak on a regular basis providing us with a substantial player base, for this, we thank you greatly.

Another thank you goes out the the donators who support what we do. Without the generosity of these individuals we would not be able to afford the high-spec servers that we use to power our game server. Those that provide the most support for our long-term investment are our lifetime donators, so thanks to @Dan Smith, @Jay Brean, @James Harwood, @Cryant, @Hardstyler[NL] & @Thomas White for their generous support. 

More thank yous go from me personally to the rest of the Management Team @Conner Merlin & @Harry and as much as I hate to say it a huge thanks goes to @Matt for his belief in our success. Matt believed and invested his hard-earned money into this community when we started, if it was not for that we would not be here today. (Also thanks to @Quinn for sometimes doing his job & @Mikey Kearns for being a cunt)

I'd also like to thank @Kayle Ravelle & @Cryant for running the staff team amazingly and showing long term dedication and commitment to the cause. With this in mind I'd also like to thank the entire Staff & Support Team for their hard work. Without them the server would not be fun for everyone else!

And this leads me on the the people who make the place tick, the development team. As much as they like to stay hidden away and don't like being disturbed (*Cough* @Ollie *Cough*) they are normally working on something. The amount of work that goes into developing an Arma server is phenomenal, I personally can not deal with the waiting for test servers to boot up and missions to download so I have a lot of respect for those who have that patience Thanks @Ollie, @Benjamin Cooper, @John Colten, @Wasted, @Tim & @DotZip. Lets not forget the OG of the development team, and he will always be known as the heart and sole of our mission file - @KyleDorans, he made the basis of what we have today.

With all those being said the main thanks goes to the entire community for giving us the opportunity to build this into something bigger and better, without ye we would be nothing.

Shoutout to @ninj 


The Event!

Now... To celebrate this occasion we are hosting an event! As much as I love roleplay, I think that needs to be done naturally and not induced in an event, so this event is a little light on the RP (but if you incorporate RP somehow, I will personally reward you). So we have two things that are going to happen.

  • Event Stage 1: This event is a 'hold the fort' style event. Police and HAVOC will ally for the event to hold down the capture zone, rebel gangs must work to takeover the compound. Once police / HAVOC have been eliminated a timer will start. Gangs must fight it out and whoever holds the fort when the timer is over becomes the winner.
    • Winner Prize: Unique skinned "One Year" civilian hunter (legal) to 1 group member & £10,000,000 between the team
  • Event Stage 2: This event is a 'Battleroyal' style event which will take place in the red-zone. All players must stay within the redzone, and every few minutes a zone will be marked where the players must proceed to (camping outside the zone will result in you being killed by an admin), the last man standing is the winner. Every player will have the exact same loadout to keep things fair, and we may have some things scattered around which can be picked up and used by the player to their advantage. Police, HAVOC and civilians are all welcome to take part in the event however will have to be in civilian slots to prevent the use of meta-game. Teaming is not permitted in this event.
    • 1st Place Prize: £10,000,000
    • 2nd Place Prize: £5,000,000
    • 3rd Place Prize: £1,000,000

So what do you need to know?

  • The event will take place on Saturday October 14th after the 8PM restart (8.15PM Approx).
  • Teaming is not allowed in Event Stage 2.
  • If Event Stage 1 does not have a clear holder of the area after the 20 minutes it will go to 'sudden death' and will continue until their is a clear holder of the area.
  • Event Stage 1 recipient of the hunter can be chosen by the gang or the gang may go to a 'free for all' within the compound and last man standing will receive the hunter.
  • Set loadouts will be provided for Event Stage 2 however Event Stage 1 will have this gear available on request however players may use their own equipment if they wish. Specific equipment will not be spawned in, only a set loadout (6.5mm). Highest caliber permitted is 7.62mm.
  • Trolling during the event will result in an immediate ban, punishments will be more harsh during this time as you are ruining the experience for others.
  • If you have any other questions feel free to comment them below!


what time is this?


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