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Your name: 
Felix Johnson

Name of officer(s) involved in the situation: 
Thomas White, Dex Trinity, James Hunt

Time of the incident: 
14:00-16:00 GMT 02/10/17

Describe the incident and what happened in detail:
I has making money by selling cocaine. As i was selling it, a civ (Lindo) came up and told me to put my hands up or i'd be killed. 
I then took my hands up and was placed in zipties. I then waited for him to rob me, but he didn't he just started taking about random things. 
The time went by and the Police came. I then knew he had made a civian arrest on me, although he didn't infrom me of that. 
The Police then ziptied me (All this can be seen the the video) as i asked why Lindo didn't get put in cuff. He then to was placed in cuff. 
The chat went on, as you can see in the video. It ended with Lindo only having his mags taken and that was it.

I was then brought to the PD to be interrogated. I had my lawvers to come in, and the case went for trial, before Dex, the arresting officer. 
Dont think he shoud be the one judging. But sure. I ended up after alot a time doing released.
My lawvers and i then went back to the PD to fill a complint. 
Because in our eyes i had been taken hostage and the cops just let Lindo have his gun even tho we all knew it was illigal. 
The video shows have the rest of the case went down


Did you try to resolve it with the officer?: 
I did yes, but it seem that they didnt want to RP nor resolve the issue

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James Hunt    48

Are you reporting us for not power-gaming? We were nice enough to understand it from your point of view and that you actually roleplayed the situation out but if Lindo claims the weapon is a BB gun and he hasn't proved it otherwise to not be then we really cannot do anything as it would power-gaming to say it's a weapon. Sorry, but I feel this report is out of anger (for some odd reason) rather than anyone actually doing anything wrong. We gave you some quality roleplay that not a lot of people would do. We let you off with a crime you 100%  committed, your helicopter was returned and you weren't even ticketed, we allowed you to bring your 3 lawyers who weren't even in possession of a BAR...I didn't deal with the whole Lindo thing much as I was the one processing you, however,  because I believed your story about Lindo not saying he was arresting you (and it's not even a law)  I nulled your sentence and let you go - I think I provided some good role-play and was nothing but fair throughout to both parties.

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EnJuuso    154

I were at the PD at some parts and seems like when you tried to resolve this there, you started power gaming in my opinion.

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Dextrinity7    117

i was enjoying the role play, hence the effort i put into it, i logged off from cop and came on as civ where im one of the lead attorney's and attempted to put myself into character, sure in an ideal world another member of my firm could do it but there wasn't any online and not already involved in the case. what i don't like is situations that people get to invested in their side and start forcing rp to play out in your favour. lindo reported it to us and restrained you, you had £172,500 worth off cocaine in your heli (witch wasn't crushed), you had a large amount of money on you from selling the batch from your backpack (that we didn't take). you had 3 lawyers! and the charges were all dropped because of lindo not informing you it was a civilian arrest. i say you did pretty well and had some good role play to be honest. lindo told me about a bust, restrained the perp, and told me in rp that its a bb gun, i took all his mags and told him to lock it away. i don't think i have done anything wrong.

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Thomas White    167

You failed to attempt to roleplay. You Tried, To win the situation. You breached: (This can clearly be seen in the video 2/3. 

  • 3.3 Power Gaming - Power gaming is where you alter RP scenarios in order to only best suit your situation. You must be willing to roleplay situations fully and not ruin others roleplay experience in order to benefit yours.

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I do see Dex that it was a tough spot you were put in.
And im not compling about the drugs, not at all. Thats all good and fair.

Its the hole rifle thing, i see that you cant force him to prove its not a BB because that'd be power gaming from you're side.
But then we can point it to Lindo, by first off saying its a BB, there a tiny bit of power gaming is started, but not alot. But then also saying theres no battery so we cant test it. Well thats power gaming in its best way

But i'll await the people in charge to have a say in it

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LSC    13

I don't believe the bringing up of there being no batteries is at all power gaming because it was still RP within the scenario we were faced with. Power gaming in my opinion is when i tell you this BB gun requires a 6 cell 9.6v battery of the right dimensions to fit inside and meet the terminals you said you have that exact battery on you to test it and prove me wrong. That isn't believable really and me adding to the scenario that there is no battery in it as i grabbed it late at night because a Huron unexpectedly landed and unloaded drugs is realistic. I even went to great lengths to RP and explain this all, saying "you didn't call my bluff and I'm lucky to be alive". 

The really shocker of all this to me is i had you restrained with £100,000s on you with a huron i can do whatever i want with and i decided to RP it out for over and hour instead. You walked away losing nothing but your time. Its almost like you'd rather i shot you stole it and scrapped the Huron.


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