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Player Report - Ronnie freedem and Albet freedem - 08/11/17

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Time Submitted: 03:39:16 PM | 08/11/17
Submitted By: SCOUSE-MOUSE-UK (1433)

Your In-Game Name:

Who are you reporting?:
Ronnie freedem and Albet freedem

Time/Date of event:
16.03 on 11.08.2017

Rule's Broken:
1.7 Common Sense, 2.1 VDM, 5.3 Hostility Towards Medics, 8.1 Green Zone,

Explain what happened:
It was about 10 mins before server restart and there were a few trolls running around zaros safe zone, ronnie freemen and albet freemen were in go karts trying to firstly ram civs then they went on to try blow up 2 ambulances then when that failed they rammed into a off road truck which blew up, killing themselves , there was 3 members of the group all together ramming and causing a general annoyance at the safe zone however you can see from the chat log bottom left of screen that there was only 2 who died, (video link in evidence below)

Evidence (Video/Screenshot):

Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?:

Support Member Involved?:

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