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Become an Approved Gang

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Introducing 'Approved Gangs'.

Every Altis Life community has gangs and groups, some are long standing reputable gangs, others can be short term and unstable. This is a system we are putting in place to give those gangs who are dedicated and committed to PhoenixRP and maintain a high upstanding of the community rules at all times a chance to shine. Gangs can apply to become approved and Management will make a decision as to whether or not they will be approved. Approved gangs can get access to a few things that we can't really trust any player with.

  • Gang Bases:
    • Gang bases are something we already have in game. They are currently purchased using a large amount of in game currency and then a renewal fee is applied on a month to month basis, however this system will make this system obsolete. All approved gangs will be entitled to a gang base which is designed by them and placed on a location of their choice (can't be in or too close to a town or urban area - designs must be approved before implementation).
  • TeamSpeak Tags:
    • Currently TeamSpeak tags are covered under our gang donation package, and will still be available there however approved gangs will get this completely free of charge with no renewal fee.
  • Community Board:
    • The community board is something that is not currently in place, however it's a group that we will bring our upcoming ideas and features too so that we can get an opinion on the implementations. A representative from each approved gang may attend this meeting along with representatives from whitelisted factions and our staff team.

So what are the requirements to become approved?

  • Group must be created at least 1 month (30 days) before applying.
  • Group must have a full post set out in the Rebel Gangs section.
  • Group must have a public structure of command on their gang post.
  • Group must have at least 7 active members.
  • Group must not be involved with rule breaks on a regular basis.
  • Group must use the PhoenixRP TeamSpeak (ts.PhoenixRP.co.uk) server for all communications when in-game.

We believe that this approved gang system will open the doors for many new things to be implemented and this system can be applied in many other ways. It also gives gangs a huge opportunity to become approved and show everyone what they are made of.


Apply To Become Approved!


We hope you enjoy this new opportunity and we look forward to building on it.


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