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Bradley Green

Player Report - Evilplayer - 07/15/17

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Time Submitted: 11:10:03 PM | 07/15/17
Submitted By: Bradley Green (581)

Your In-Game Name:
B. Green

Who are you reporting?:

Time/Date of event:
23:48 - 15/07/2017

Rule's Broken:
4.3 and 2.2

Explain what happened:
well i arrived to a area where there was a heli and that was the main reason why i entered, i walked around a while not finding anyone. Further on i turn and face a way where i heard walking. At the time when he first initiated it was very faint and you could hear that because at the same time i was still saying hello to see if anyone was there, i couldnt see him nor hear him, now im pretty sure that he needs to be visible with a weapon to initiate. I only heard him the last time he said it and once i heard him say the initiation i straight away reacted with putting my weapon away and putting my hands up. He came round the corner and as i was putting my hands on my head he shot me, now you can hear i was very pissed off that i didnt get to rp and i have so right to be.

I tried talking to him to explain what he did wrong and what he should do next time but he was having non of it and decided to leave 3 times when speaking to him. After the 3 times he left i gave him multiple chances to come back but he told me no, i tried to get a staff member by the name of kazz to ask him and he told him no also. So really there was nothing being solved and that he didnt know what he did wrong so he couldnt go back to reflect on that.

Evidence (Video/Screenshot):

Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?:

Support Member Involved?:

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Evilplayer    2

I was trying to talk to him but he was being unreliable when talking to him I was trying my best to speaking to him but he refused to calm down so I left and tried to talk to him again later on then he still refused to calm down in that case this officer was not being calm about the situation and now  choose to take the situation staff where kazz was supporting the  problem and B Green was not being mature about the hole thing I told him It was a miss fire and tried to get a AMS but then started taking fire from other officers where the hole thing was a mistake.

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Ok first off i had a witness which is CSI sly, i was calm and i was never angry or angered by anything or at anything. All i wanted to do was explain what you did wrong. You came in just apologising but you didnt even know what you did wrong. The only thing you did know was that you did something wrong, the reason why i filed this report is because of your disgusting behaviour in TS and refusing to resolve the situation which has been seen also by kazz. Now i gave you enough chances and i tried different ways to deal with you and you wasnt bothered so whatever staff says from here goes.

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