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Boost Week

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Phoenix RP Boost Week

To celebrate the release of the new faction CSAT along with various other vital changes to our economy, map and events we shall be giving various ways for you to get back to Phoenix with as little friction as possible. These incentives will be for 9 days starting Friday 16:00 BST and will include:

All Players

  • Double Experience Buff
  • Double Sell Price On All Items
  • Double Paychecks
  • Free gang vehicle skin for gangs with 8+ active members on the server*
  • 50% Off All Gang Packages + In game server advertisements - see here (https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/32011-gang-packages-gang-skins-and-advertisements/)
  • Exclusive Black Market Items On Sale In Rebel Store
  • Competitive Events running all week with exclusive item giveaways + cash prizes


  • Police members with over 8 hours will get £2 mill each - those with over 13 hours will get £5 mil instead**
  • The person with the most hours in TPU and CTU respectively will receive £5 mil
  • 5 people will be picked based on their activity and feedback to receive TPU T2 and 3 people to receive CTU 1 as nominated by members of police board throughout the week
  • Person with the most academy work done will receive £5 mil


  • Any medic that gets 6 hours+ on the server will get £2 mil - those with over 13 hours will get £5 mil instead**
  • Top 3 most active medics receive money prizes of £8mil, £5 mil and £3 mil**
  • Anyone who has 2+ hours on the server at any point in that week they get MAS 1 Whitelisting (for boost week only)
  • Medic member(s) of the week prize increased 3x

*Members will need to verify steam ID's with member of community board, this can be done simply through making a gang post. Skins implemented ASAP. Please also see gang package post.
**Players who are both members of the Police and the NHS may only receive one unique activity related reward. (e.g. if you receive £1.5 mil from police for server time, you cannot receive the same for NHS)

All cash rewards for factions will be received on the weekend of the 7th August.

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