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willy gang

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willy gang

Hi there, willy gang here we are a multicultural organisation with the aims to takeover the whole of Altis by force.

Once we are fully established within Altis we will have most of the APC on our payroll as they are all corrupt.

Our goals are to grow inch by inch, centimeter by centimeter till we finally get big enough to slap.




Closed invite only organisation, if we want you we will make it known!


Willy background

We all came to Altis with plans of becoming massive. We had it rough in the backstreets of the 'ome country and are here to set things right.

Mess with willy and you'll get the shaft.




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45 minutes ago, Curly Curtis said:

Hi there MBS here, I was vibing with willy gang on warzone I hope that means we are now friends!

Imagine being a reborn willy

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9 hours ago, Firestriking Aviation said:

I am apply 

19000 hours (no life) in arma

Steam id 1020485727919194958572772910039495736261801



Edited by Viktor Reznov
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