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Alex Wave

Altis Life Suggestions - medic - disable bleed out

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Time Submitted: 08:53:08 PM | 06/06/20
Submitted By: Alex Wave
Forum ID: 5974

What Does Your Suggestion Relate To:
Altis Life Suggestions

Suggestion Title:
medic - disable bleed out option when a medic is near.

What Is Your Suggestion:
When a medic is within a certain distant(1.5km - maybe?) of an incapacitated patient they shouldn’t be allow to bleed out.

It's a big waste of NHS resources and could be used to responding to other patients.

Also ruins our chance to roleplay.

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are you mad ?
its already annoying enough to have to wait to bleed, but making it impossible when this 1 medic says that he left the gunfight area because he went 1km high 300m away is the worst idea ever...
Would lead to many combat logs and other pointless shit

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