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Altis Life Suggestions - Encourage New Players

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Time Submitted: 05:22:13 PM | 05/21/20
Submitted By: Wellsy
Forum ID: 5086

What Does Your Suggestion Relate To:
Altis Life Suggestions

Suggestion Title:
Encourage New Players 

What Is Your Suggestion:
As most people have been around for a while and already have a substantial bank account you forget what it is like to start from the beginning. New players start in Kavala 95% of the time and their first aim is to get that rebel licence and first gun.

Late last year the profession system was implemented as a new way to gain xp and speed up the specific professions. Now those that have slugged out to do this know just how tedious this was, but worth it for what you got as a level 50 perk. It made the horrific grind worth it.

Look at that from the perspective of a new player, who just wants to earn a little bit of money on a run such as copper, so they can reach them early game goals of getting a truck, licences and weapons. When i started playing the server 2 years ago i gained money through copper runs, not hugely profitable, but quick. Now a new player is faced with the prospect of huge mining and processing times. It isn't very encouraging for them, who wants that grind early game, when you don't care about the late game perks like grave robber. Instead of that, new players will decide they can't be bothered and look elsewhere.

So my suggestion is to remove the profession system from a few early game runs i.e. copper, iron, etc... where there is a standard speed and xp gained.

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