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Altis Life King of The Hill Event #2

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King of The Hill #2

Want to show your combat skills?
Do you think you can capture the point and get away alive with the money?


How it will work?

  • The Event will be hosted by the Altis Events Team.
  • We will release the location when the event starts so everyone has a fair chance to get there. 
  • To capture you need to be within the road cones the capture area will look something like this: spacer.png
  • Announcements will be send when:
    - Event begins
    - When you are allowed to start capturing
    - Someone starts to capture the area
    - Area capture is 3 minutes left
    - Area capture is 1 minutes left
    - Area capture is 30 seconds left
    - Area is contested


Server Event Rules:

  • The Location will be a Kill on Sight Area.
  • You are allowed to engage on anyone within or around the area that is trying to attack or defend the zone.
  • You can go to the capture area as soon as the information has been released
  • You can start capturing the area after a message is been send (around 15 minutes after the start of the Event)
  • You have to capture the area and hold it for 5 minutes if an enemy enters the area it will reset the timer and the area will be contested.
  • you only have 1 life! being revived and return is not allowed!
  • Teams: You can only have a maximum of 10 people of your gang
  • You are not allowed to work together with another Gang/Team to join the event.
  • Do not use the alliance system.
  • Factions are not allowed to join this Event.


How do I take part in this event?

  • You go to the capture area
  • You need to provide your own gear
  • Be online as Civilian




The event will take place on Saturday 23/05/2020 following the 8PM restart, staff will notify you in-game how to proceed following the restart.


Capture : £50,000,000 (for your group)

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