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I No-Scoped JFK

Altis Life Suggestions - Gang Base Perks

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Time Submitted: 06:28:18 PM | 05/10/20
Submitted By: I No-Scoped JFK
Forum ID: 1413

What Does Your Suggestion Relate To:
Altis Life Suggestions

Suggestion Title:
Gang Base Perks 

What Is Your Suggestion:
Along with the new gang bases, I think it would be a good idea that each gang base gets a specific perk when you win it after gang wars. For the three current gang bases I would propose that the three perks would be: Reduced weapon prices 40% Reduced clothing prices 80%, Reduced Vehicle Prices 20%. This would add on to any additional perks that gangs or individuals can get. Obviously these could be replaced with other perks such as: Increased sell price of illegal items 10-30%, access to a better advanced rebel store (additional weapons e.g. zafs, cyrus etc), Increased sell price of legal items 10-30%. This would give gangs some incentives to fight at gang wars and give some benefits to taking gang bases.

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Reduced weapon prices by 40% is a massive NO from me, 40% is to close to 50% which is half of the price of the weapon (if you don't know maths)

Reduced Clothings Prices by 80% is a massive NO from me, might as well make it for free, I think about 50% or less will do as clothes are already cheap.

Reduced Vehicles Prices by 20% is a massive YES from me, some vehicles are really expensive and after spening a lot of money on a gang base, would be nice to be rewarded with something like this

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