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Simon Cat

Altis Life Suggestions - Prestige

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Time Submitted: 12:50:45 PM | 04/27/20
Submitted By: Simon Cat
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Altis Life Suggestions

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Prestige... I know alot of people who think prestiging is bad cause you dont get anything special and i agree, cause you dont get anything before getting prestige 5. So my suggestion is that we do something about this. This could be handled with 1 time rewards or even rewards such as a permanent skin you could put on a hummingbird. I also think one of the things holding people back from prestiging is that they will lose all of their professions, which they have worked hard for. So i also suggest that we make it so that professions only go down to half of the number ( An example could be level 500 processing going down to level 250 ) If anyone else has some suggestions to what could make prestiging more worth it, then write a comment on this post.

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I agree that prestige needs to seem more appealing, however I think your suggestion isn't the best for pushing that idea forward fairly. Every prestige you increase, you already get vehicle skins. It's just people don't use them too often or even know about it! If you don't lose your professions when you prestige, and indeed half them instead, you make the prestige system 3x quicker. Which is totally unfair on those that have already grinded to a high prestige. It would be one of those things that ruins the server for some players and does irreversible damage to the sever. The time it takes to prestige took ages to balance out perfectly to where it is now over a multitude of updates, it's not too long, nor too short. It's a end game element designed to invest your time into. Therefore you shouldnt get max prestige within a day or two. Which would happen with your suggestion. Not everyone has to do the prestige system, a lot of people don't, but it's there for those players that want to invest there time. 

Instead they should increase the amount of prestige locked perks, add small incremental rewards for prestiging. Like increased income, or reduced prices and so on. Everyone unanimously cares about money, so making things easier the higher prestige you are, is a good incentive. 

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I am going to have to say NO to your suggestion because Mr Caesar already made a suggestion with what he would like to see, I recommend you look at it.

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