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Metric Gang | Open

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1 hour ago, Hayden12 said:

We are a open gang looking for member if u would like to join please contact one of our staff or myself

roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XQA5QUNXRRZvfSD8L27F-E4LAreRTTmwXK6VdXuE_TU/edit?usp=sharing

we are a gang we moved to altis recently we are a rebel gang and we are looking for members that have a sharp aim and a positive spirit to the gang

Just looking at your profile avatar gives me a good indication on the average age of the people that are going to be in this gang.

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On 9/12/2019 at 10:11 PM, TG_Boothy said:

Image result for Metric clan youtube


Metric is a very well known, secret and worldwide organisation that Have now moved into altis. We Ship Drugs, Sell Guns, take peoples lives within reason and do A LOT of the illegal things. We do try most of the time to stay out of people's way but anyone that doesn’t want to be quite as friendly as us were not too shy to shoot.
Metric has gone through many stages from being a low life gang to now what is known as a secret service, or as some say special forces unit! We have the time, patience and skills to take on any task that is thrown in our way and we never back down. ONLY the best are accepted into Metric.

What we look for:

750 hours on arma

Good team working skills and good communications

Application Template:



Hours on Arma:

License (Advanced/Rebel):

Can anyone vouch for you:




EDIT: Sorry just realised you are the "Metric Gang" and we are "Metric"  sorry for the confusion.

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