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Cyber Freak

Altis Server Mini-Event: Cyber Monday

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PhoenixRP Cyber Monday Deals

Ready to save some money? Want to get a great bargain? PhoenixRP is about to provide!


How it will work?

  • The Mini-Event will be hosted by a couple of members from the events team.
  • The Mini-Event will start at kavala square and admins/members of the events team will be standing inside the Molon Labe. (As seen in the image above)
  • Customers will line up and choose what they want from our stock and we will give them a really good price for the item such as 90% of the original price.
  • There will be only a limited amount of stock available so only 1 item per customer. (This may change if there is stock left)

What's Available?


We plan to have more Mini-Events like this in the future but remember this isn't a large scale event that we normally have every 2 weeks. 



The Event will take place on Monday 02/12/2019 at 6:00 PM GMT, Staff will notify you in-game as well.

We hope to see you all at the event!

Thanks, Events Team

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