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Daniel Woodland

Daniel Woodland Signing Off

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I've had my days on phoenix I just just over a year ago and it was brilliant every moment of it. I've also enjoyed every part of working in the staff team but it's time for me to leave. Wanted to say to you all been brilliant friends to me. I've droppped from all my factions and left the staff team because it would be better for someone more active to take my spot and do the work.
I wanted to thank everyone who i've met in this community I've had great fun and would love to come back maybe some time. You may see me around from time to time. 
I'll try to find some great moments I had in this community in the videos I'll post later.
I'll just try to mention as many as possible.
@Hector - My german friend who I went through with AMS command
@Scarso - For being that great dev and friend in phoenix.
@Sanjib Punjabi - For ending politic arguments with one say.
@Theodore - who I worked with CID and suddenly became my community rep.
@Jakob Boyden - for sending me my inactivity notices and killing me in every game of cqc.
@SpawnTheDeath and @Roy the two best dutch admins and friends who will turn phoenix.co.uk into phoenix.nl
@Proxy Smoxy - For helping my work through my time as support and being there.
@Max - For filling 90% of my soundboards of you.
@JasperChan - For singing barbie songs when I was in the channel.
@Tyler.B - For working great in NHS and being a great friend.
@Mike Brooks - Helping me in hard times in cops
@vel for giving me the LOA's I wanted (COUGH @Alexander I still hate you for that lol)
@Alexander - for pranking me for LOA's & eating every time he joins ts (it's so true)
@Zyn - for helping me with any request I had.

@Zinner for helping me get through in the staff team.
Basically all the support and staff team (sorry if I didn't tag you, you are still loved)
Love you my staff leads ❤️ 
Big thanks to @Kevin for letting me develop my creations in the best way by using the best programs.
 @fisher, @Cryant, @Badger, @FoxHound, @Matt - the squad who are brilliant group of managers.
and not to forget @Conner Merlin the man himself who made me laugh every time.
Also thank you to the APC command and everyone I met in Havoc command and also the NHS or even AMS.
If your not on the list you still are something of my life on phoenix just that I can't find your profile to tag (sorry).

You can still contact me if you need me I just won't be about as much now.
Phoenixrp's best ex-admin 😉
Daniel Woodland

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Mate we all know you're inactive as fuck, What have changed nowXD.

Why would you do that :"(, If you don't show your a** in ts from time to time i'll .......................

Much love mate, Hope you the best of luck in your life <3.

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