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Changelog - Altis Life V2

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PhoenixRP V2
v2.0.0 | 20/09/2019

We're finally here. I'd like to open this changelog by apologising for the extended development cycle for Phoenix V2. We wanted to ensure this update was stable and fully featured for it's release. This update aims to provide a stable base for future developments to the server itself and the community as a whole. The entire development team has worked tirelessly to ensure the best possible experience for our players. Additionally we'd also like to thank everyone that was involved, from those making suggestions, providing financial support and everyone that provided bug testing. A few key names would be @Theodore, @Conner Merlin, @Kevin, @Ben Sewell, @Sanjib Punjabi, @Jetan Holo, @Proxy Smoxy, @Calum and @Stephan.

This update features a simple, yet rewarding system, that aims to provide an element of progression when completing specific tasks. The professions featured within this update include: Fishing, Gathering, Mining, Processing, Cooking, Crafting, Smuggling, Capturing, Impounding, Crushing and Reviving. Some of these professions are, obviously, faction specific such as Impounding. Increasing your professions will speed up the time it takes for you to complete these tasks in the future. If you have any suggestions for more rewards or categories feel free to suggest these in the 'Suggestions' section on the forums.

Loyalty Rewards
The Loyalty System was added to provide players that login to the server regularly.  If you login on consecutive days you will receive a random reward such as experience or cash, but you must make sure that you claim it on the designated day! The system has been designed to allow us to easily add, modify and remove rewards. This means that your suggestions for rewards can be added quickly and without delay.

Medical System
We have introduced a new Medical System that has slightly changed the way you are incapcitated. The biggest change is how you are kept alive, you will now have to administer Blood Bags to keep players alive. Although, the Reviving System has been completely reworked, the person who is treating you will need to have equipment ranging from: Saline, Bandages and Gauzes, this equipment is used to treat certain types of wounds and can damage you if administed incorrectly. You are still able to treat players if there is no active NHS, although you will still need the equipment!

Perks Overhaul
The Perk System has had a complete overhaul, no longer are perks something that people will simply add and forget about. We have completely scrapped the idea of perk levels and opted for the simple change of having each perk being completely and entirely unique in its own way. Players will be able to gain perk slots, assign perks and even remove them for a small cost. The method in which players will acquire the perks has also changed. Perk points and prestige requirements are no longer a thing! Perks are unlocked solely based on level. However, the limit of perk slots is based on your prestige level.

Significant Map & UI Improvements
We decided that for V2 Phoenix was in need for a face lift. We had multiple different designs as seperate developers had their own styles. We've changed all the UI to now follow the same simplistic design based of the EDEN design, within ArmA 3. The map has also had large changes to key locations such as the HAVOC Checkpoint, HM Treasury, HMP Altis and many more! This was done to both optimise the FPS around the map and move things to better locations.

Database Converstion
We've aimed to ensure that as much of your data made it to Phoenix V2 as possible. Certain things, however, won't be making it to the latest version. Government Settings (An election will be held the day after v2's launch) and IDs (No compensation will be issued for forged ones).

Detailed Changelog


  • Professions System
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Improved Medical System
    • More In-Depth Revival for NHS
    • Rewritten Incapacitation System
  • New Government System (Rewrite)
    • Elections are always 14 days after the previous
    • Results are saved for 24 hours after
    • Optimisations...
  • New Gang System
    • Reliable Gang Housing
    • Increased Rank Control
    • Ability to do more with offline players & alliances
  • Cook House (Allows cooking of fish and animals)
  • Plutonium Processing
  • Gems System
  • Main Menu (Allows previewing of Loadouts)
  • APC HM Treasury CCTV
  • Setting for HUD Hexagons
  • Alliance Cooldown
  • Clothing Store NVGs
  • Ability to mine and sell Rocks in prison to lower your time
  • Service Job can now repair map objects
  • Placables for HAVOC
  • XP Rewards for Cartel Capturing
  • New Attachments
    • DM Scopes
    • 7.62 Suppresors
  • New Vehicles
    • Xian for Civilians
  • New Skins
    • Unifoms
      • Prison Uniform
      • NHS S&R Uniform
    • Vehicles
      • Bioshatter Ifrit
    • Gang Base Skins
  • New Police Units
    • Trojan Proactive Unit
    • Counter-Terrosim Unit
  • New UI Designs
    • All Default UI
    • Tablet Design
      • Added a 'Profile' tab that contains your progression and donator settings
  • New Faction Weapons
    • Too many to list (They can list if they wish)
  • New Clothing Items
    • Too many to list
  • New Runs
    • Sand
    • Smuggler
  • New Patrol / Response Locations
  • New Perks
    • Too many to list
  • New Achievements
    • Belle Delphine's Fan Club
  • New Stores
    • HMP Market
    • HMP Rock Market
    • Medical Supplies
    • CID Stores
    • Glass Trader
  • New Items
    • Too many to list


  • Map Locations
    • HM Treasury
    • HMP Altis
    • HAVOC Checkpoint
    • Specialised Unit HQ
    • DMTs Return
    • ID Forger Location
  • Item Name Changes
    • Spike Strip - > Police Stinger
  • Item Sell Prices
    • Moonshine
  • House Pricing
  • Housing Storage System (Uses Categories / Virtual Crates)
  • Rebalanced Leveing
    • Max Level (60 - > 50)
    • Level XP Requirements
  • Loot Tables
    • HM Treasury (Amount Rebalance)
    • HAVOC Destroyer (Amount Rebalance)
    • HAVOC Armoury
    • APC Evidence Locker (Includes Virtual Items)
    • Airdrops
  • NHS Paychecks
  • Replaced Crimes List
  • Delivery Missions System
  • HAVOC CCTV Locations + System
  • HAVOC Styling & Equipment (Lush- > LFD)
  • Craftable Items
    • Too many to list
  • Admin Powers / Keybinds / Panel
  • Fishing System (Better Balancing)
  • Medical Markers
  • Notifications System (Queues messages)
  • Messaging System
  • Weapon Store Backend
  • Rewrote Crafting System
  • Rewrote Prestige System
  • Rewrote Job System
  • Rewrote Interactions System
  • Police Togglable Sirens (Police can now toggle instead of it being random)
  • Giving Money & Items is now done through the interaction menu
  • ATM Withdraw and Deposit Cap
  • Local Bank & Fuel Station Payout
  • Police & HAVOC Gates (Opened with Interactions Menu)
  • Factions can now access Civilian Markets
  • Vehicle preview is now optional
  • Random Hats on spawn


  • Animations Expliot
  • HAVOC Destroyer Nuke
  • Medic Mohawks
  • Requesting NHS in Cartels
  • HAVOC getting added to the Wanted List
  • HAVOC Ticketing clearing Crimes
  • ID System Expliots
  • Chair Sitting Expliot
  • Pygros Apple Field
  • Cartel Recapture
  • Hummingbird spawning without Benches
  • Pygros Hospital Greenzone
  • Achievements Wiping Randomly
  • Gang Tag Updating Issues


  • Police's TST
  • Auction System (Will return)
  • Impound Lots
  • Inactive Gang Packages
  • Armed Vehicles (Prowler + Qilin)
  • Rubber Functionality from Spar (Also returned its fire rate to normal)
  • Support Suit
  • Government Safe Houses
  • Reskining Option (Droping and picking it up will do it)

Planned Features

  • Auction System
  • Statistics Tracking
  • Reputation
  • and much more 😉 
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v2.0.1 | 21/09/2019 @ 00:00 BST

Changed: Admins can no longer give money (They must use compensate function)
Changed: General Mechanic Description

Fixed: "Put in Vehicle" Action
Fixed: Agios HQ Vehicle Spawn
Fixed: Low Detail Persistence
Fixed: HM Boltcutting alert message
Fixed: Being VDM'd when incapacitated
Fixed: CID Police Name Tags
Fixed: First Aider Perk
Fixed: Hummingbird Benches
Fixed: Police being charged for impounding / crushing their own vehicles.
Fixed: Personal Messages being reported to staff
Fixed: Police Main & CTU Uniform Spelling

Fixed: Clothing Stores not checking cost before purchasing

Fixed: Buildings being buyable at processings, traders, etc
Fixed: Robbing people while they're knocked out
Fixed: Garage Sell Expliot
Fixed: Instantly bleeding out
Fixed: Raditation Zone

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v2.0.2 | 21/09/2019 @ 12:00 BST

Added: Cartel Profession to Police
Added: Reskin option to tablet
Added: Police "Break in" function for NHS
Changed: Garage now sorts alphabetically
Fixed: Gang Base Issuing

Fixed: Civilians being able to instantly unrestrain people
Fixed: Certain types of the Van Transport having no storage
Fixed: Garage retrieval multiplier
Removed: HAVOC Destroyer Patrol Mission from HAVOC & NHS

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v2.0.3 | 21/09/2019 @ 16:00 BST

Added: Lighting to Hospitals
Added: Delay to overweight notifications
Changed: Garage retrieval mulpiter from 2% -> 1%
Changed: Apples Processing Location
Changed: Notification Timings
Fixed: Virtual Market UI taking along time to update

Fixed: Captured cartels not effecting drug prices
Fixed: Sale of Moonshine
Fixed: HSF Stealth Skin
Fixed: Medic Siren
Fixed: Map Markers Faction Colouring
Fixed: Spar Fire Rate

Fixed: Cooked Fish not display on Market Prices
Removed: XP from Processing Apples

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v2.0.4 | 21/09/2019 @ 20:00 BST

Added: Vehicle Impounding for CID
Fixed: Taru Chop Shop Price
Fixed: Ecstasy Field Gathering Item
Fixed: Advanced Rebel MB 4WD Prce

Fixed: Only medics being able to revive

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v2.0.5 | 22/09/2019 @ 00:00 BST

Added: Police ANPR
Fixed: Map Markers appearing temporally when they shouldn't
Fixed: Settings checkboxes not displaying correctly
Fixed: Map Markers Prefixes not displaying correctly 
Fixed: Downed people not appearing on medic's maps if they don't have a GPS
Fixed: Fishing not requiring Fishing Nets
Fixed: Admin invisibility not working all the time
Fixed: Fishing Profession not increasing

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v2.0.6 | 22/09/2019 @ 02:00 BST

Fixed: Admin Invisibility Crashing (Also thought to be causing mass server lag)
Fixed: Admin Inventory Access
Fixed: HAVOC Chop Shops

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v2.0.7 | 22/09/2019 @ 16:00 BST

Added: Ability for CID to show their badge
Fixed: Wanted List Search

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v2.0.8 | 22/09/2019 @ 20:00 BST

Added: HAVOC Weapon Requests
Added: SDAR to Rebel Stores
Changed: Diamond Sell Price (£12,500 -> £7,500)
Changed: Weather Settings
Changed: Brightness of Emergancy Vehicle Lighting
Fixed: Tempest Device
Fixed: Treat scroll options always being active with First Aider perk
Fixed: NHS Vehicle Lighting
Fixed: HAVOC Radiation Suit

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v2.0.9 | 23/09/2019 @ 00:00 BST

Changed: Admin GPS's automatically de-equip
Changed: Grey to blue in the medical system
Fixed: Police debug gear
Fixed: Toolkits not working whilst in vehicles
Fixed: Jail time
Fixed: Admin interaction
Removed: Global chat

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v2.0.10 | 24/09/2019 @ 00:00 BST

Added: New SO1 Weapons
Added: Governor Clothing Store
Added: Uranium Icon
Added: Inventory Viewing for HAVOC
Added: ATM to HMP Altis
Changed: Apple & Peach Edibility Values
Fixed: Cocaine Processing
Fixed: Vehicle Pull Out
Fixed: Heroin Gathering
Fixed: Sand Gathering
Fixed: Salt Gathering
Fixed: Vehicle Repairing
Fixed: Last ANPR Button
Fixed: Stinger Packup Notification
Fixed: HSS Spawn
Fixed: HSF Uniform Texture
Fixed: Civilians not spawning with Radio
Fixed: Muscleman Perk not updating max weight
Fixed: Smuggling Profession Expliot
Fixed: Antique Weight
Fixed: APC Operation Mask
Fixed: Turtles
Fixed: Gear Duping Expliot
Removed: Secondary Side Channel

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v2.0.11 | 24/09/2019 @ 00:00 BST

Added: SDAR UW Magazines
Added: Disable notification setting
Added: More diving stores
Added: Zaros Local Bank
Changed: Cut Diamond (£7,500 -> £8,500)
Changed: Halved refueling time
Changed: Executing must be done within 50m
Fixed: Instant death when crashing
Fixed: Gathering animation

Fixed: Silver ore icon
Fixed: Turtles
Fixed: Needing a toolkit to repair
Fixed: Clothing store exploit
Fixed: Preload
Fixed: Global being enabled
Fixed: Cop vehicle search not appearing

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v2.0.12 | 26/09/2019 @ 20:00 BST

Added: New APC Equipment
Added: Questioning Drug, Turtle and Moonshine Dealer
Changed: APC CMD Uniform Access
Changed: APC Vehicle Access
Changed: HAVOC Attachment Access
Changed: HAVOC Store Item Order
Changed: Impound Multiplier (1% -> 0.25%)
Changed: Blood Bag Increase (30 -> 60 seconds without Perk)
Changed: Certain Rebel Clothing Store Prices
Changed: Night Time Time Multiplier (12 -> 20)
Fixed: Clothing Store Gear Reset Expliot
Fixed: HSF Mag Access
Fixed: Turtle Dealers
Fixed: Unflipping Issues
Fixed: Civilians not being able to pull people out of vehicles they have the keys for
Fixed: Fuel Storer Perk
Fixed: CID Uniform Textures
Fixed: Turtle / Fish Marker Colours
Fixed: Missing Crafting Materials
Fixed: On-Duty Virtual Item Duplication Expliot

Fixed: Invisible Admins appearing on Key Chain
Fixed: Progress going above 100%
Fixed: Handcuff Lockpicking
Fixed: SO1 Helicopter Spawn
Fixed: House Spawning and Marker Creation
Fixed: Last ANPR putting the registration into the wrong input
Fixed: Owner search distance
Fixed: House robbing
Blacklisted: Advanced Rebel Bungalow from being bought

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v2.0.13 | 28/09/2019 @ 00:00 BST

Fixed: Turtle zone issue
Fixed: APC CMR Magazine
Fixed: Selling sometimes not working
Fixed: Some professions not working (mainly cooking)
Fixed: Houses being interacted from any distance
Fixed: Fuel storer perk

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v2.0.14 | 30/09/2019 @ 00:00 BST

Added: MX-SW to rebel
Added: Notification when grave robber is used

Changed: NHS Van skin
Changed: Custom plate box
Changed: Bleedout time 15 minutes -> 20 minutes
Changed: Max cart size

Fixed: Virtual selling issues
Fixed: Interacting with gates from any distance
Fixed: Gang base issues
Fixed: HAVOC General Store issues
Fixed: Accessing house inventory when you have keys
Fixed: Receive item notification
Fixed: Restrained features when a player was knocked out
Fixed: Gang house streamer mode
Fixed: Lockpicking unrestrained players

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v2.0.15 | 14/10/2019 @ 00:00 BST

Added: Prestige Nametag Colours
Added: Gather notification cool down
Added: Loyalty rewards will appear on spawn
Added: SO1 Type-115 Mags
Added: 100Rnd 6.5 mag
Added: Gems

Changed: Increased XP from leveling up a profession
Changed: Medic SUV and Hatchback skins
Changed: Impounding minimum distance 5m -> 10m
Changed: Increased warehouse storage
Fixed: Force feed and virtual robbing not appearing
Fixed: Fishing profession
Fixed: Animation issues
Fixed: Medic van lights
Fixed: Crafting icons
Fixed: Wire transfer tax
Fixed: Housing exploit
Fixed: Huron crate issues
Fixed: Drum mag not appearing for SI's
Fixed: Automatic unrestrain issues
Fixed: Housing items disappearing when taking them
Fixed: Uranium listing as legal
Fixed: Last ANPR button
Fixed: Range finders zeroing
Fixed: Instant bleedout

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