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PhoenixRP Altis Event: Demolition Derby

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PhoenixRP Demolition Derby


This is how it will work:

  • The Demolition Derby will be held on the salt flats
  • There will be three rounds with three different vehicles
  • Each round will have one winner who will receive 3 million
  • The first round will be in a Hemmt Box
  • The second round will be Ifrits
  • The third and last round will be Tractors



Saturday 24/08/2019 at 9 PM, Staff will notify you in-game before it starts!


Prizes :

3 million for each round’s winner

Credits for the event to @WeeCal04 and @BladeForged


Thanks, Events Team

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First round winner:

John Rose

Prize: £3,000,000

Second round winner:

Lucas Petit

Prize: £3,000,000

Third round winner:

Dmitriy Petranko

Prize: £3,000,000

Thank you to all of those who came to the event, it was a good turnout and a lot of fun! Big congratulations to the winners.

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