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Loopy Forelli

Ban Appeal - Loopy Forelli - 07/11/19 - Altis Life<br>TeamSpeak

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Time Submitted: 05:40:52 PM | 07/11/19
Submitted By: Loopy Forelli (8223)

In-Game Name:
Loopy Forelli

Steam / Player ID:

Administrator who issued ban:

Date of ban:

In your opinion, why were you banned?:
No idea the date/ it says ban evading but i was never banned from the server. Im not going to lie but i did get global banned by battle eye for some reason and no i wasnt cheating.

What reason was given for your ban?
Ban Evading

Why should you be unbanned?
I would like to be unbanned to be able to play the server with friends again, I dont fully understand the reason i was banned.

What platform / server were you banned on?:
Altis Life

Link to initial report (if applicable):

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