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'Lifetime Sponsor'

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'Lifetime Sponsor'

Due to various reasons we have decided to revamp the 'Sponsor+' package into a new package. We understand the 'Sponsor+' package wasn't very appealing and we also understand people do not want to commit to renewing a plan at such a price point, therefore we are replacing the Sponsor+ package with the 'Lifetime Sponsor' package. We have also added a perk to our Lifetime Sponsor & Patron packages which will give our donators early access to new systems whilst they are in development. One system we have in the works is 'myPhoenix', which is now under development by popular demand and suggestions from our community members. More information will be released on this in the coming weeks.

The Lifetime Sponsor package has a base price of £150, which is currently reduced to £120 until the end of August. We understand this is a large amount of money and do not expect anyone to part ways with such amounts however we do want to properly reward the people who provide this much support to the community financially. Without donations PhoenixRP simply would not be able to operate, and for that I personally would like to thank each and every Patron, Lifetime Donator, Sponsor and any Lifetime Sponsor who joins us in the future.

You can find information about this new package listed below:

  • All Sponsor perks.
  • Sparkly forum name. (Example)
  • Shiny Lifetime Sponsor forum tag.
    • LifetimeSponsor.png.054039d910bf1ce56a78
  • Lifetime Sponsor forum award.
  • Permanent Lifetime Sponsor TeamSpeak channel.
  • Lifetime Sponsor TeamSpeak tag.
  • Lifetime Sponsor Discord tag.
  • Custom TeamSpeak client icon (16x16px).
  • Personal TeamSpeak channel.
  • Early-Access to new platforms & content (myPhoenix + more down the line)
  • Access to exclusive Discord channel which is only accessible by Lifetime Sponsor's and the Community Board.

We want to continue adding features across all of our donation plans, including lifetime sponsor. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see (must comply with Bohemia Interactive's monetization rules), please let us know!


Thank you all for your continued, unrivaled support.

- Kevin

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