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Citizens of Altis, they lied to us!

I am proud to announce the creation of a new party, the King's Party


We call the citizens of Altis to support our cause, the corrupt democracy of Jack Black must be overthrown and the struggle to enforce the British Empire must be defended!

 And no British or Altis man will ever be unhappy, for we shall enforce LAW AND ORDER....

It is of outmost significance that the partisans, the so called "rebels" are BRUTALLY suppressed and that a King is brought to Altis, instead of a random liar who claim that they will improve Altis, while the situation is getting worse!

Rise up and support the cause, the island needs you and so does the glorious empire that is about to be reborn! 

Do not trust these people, the people that rule us, they are NOT to be trusted, the people are tired of their backstabbing, we need a new government, a new system, a new world!

WE are going to make that a reality, the people should all be united under a strong leadership, we will make Altis GREAT again!




King Charles III shall be our next glorious leader, the party shall rise and our enemies shall fall!


More information about the King's Party will be revealed in the future........



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Who's this Jack Black you speak of, i too agree, he should be overthrown. I can use my Governor role to help with this. 

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Posted (edited)

you'd think it would be william by then 😕

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1 minute ago, Jelle said:

-1 Fuck the king! vote vel! 

Dutch Kingdom and Vel cannot  be compared with a single chunk of our glorious nation!

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Update #1:


The King's party will enforce Imperialism, colonizing various areas of Altis that are yet to be inhabited and use that to provide more land to the people, as well as more resources to the market.

In addition to that, strict punishments will be issued to any type of revolution against the party for the sake of our people, including public executions which will teach troublemakers to stop causing damage to our economy and dignity.

More land will be given to the people and new classes will arise, therefore making Altis the land of opportunity, as loyalty and wealth will also play a significant role for the ranking of a citizen.

However, that does not mean that the general public will be left out. Events will occur on a regular basis, such as community meetings on the island, where representatives or even people depending on the situation will be able to make suggestions. 

Furthermore, we will do our best to secure the safety of our people by eliminating any foreign threat. No one shall stop us. We are a rising force and no one shall block the path to a new and greater Altis. Those that are willing to do that will be given two options: "Comply or Fall

We will do our best to reassure the nation and bring confidence to the governement back, by for once giving EVERYONE the opportunity to experience a positive change, as long as they do not pose a threat to us and therefore the people of Altis. We will pursue to achieve more changes inside the government and hold more parades on the island so that our citizens can feel safe!

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Update #2:


The current government is robbing the people and uses their money to buy expensive villas and vehicles while the workers of Altis constantly suffer from the attacks of dangerous criminals that rule Altis at this moment. The most notorious ones are from the well known group: HAVOC

The King's Party will make sure that money is invested into the policing forces, in order for them to be more effective against crime. Better equipment will be distributed and frequent escorts will be encouraged so that no more citizens become the victims of a corrupted system. Taxes will be lowered to the minimal! That way the workers and police will be rewarded more from their work and the path to a legal and fair Altis will be opened.

God save the King!

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