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Mason Munchii

Compensation Request - mikey munchy - 06/30/19 (Altis Life)

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Time Submitted: 02:49:11 PM | 06/30/19
Submitted By: Mikey Munchy (5740)

In-Game Name:
mikey munchy

Steam / Player ID:

Date of Event:

Link to evidence (player report or video):

Details of Event:
Needed to fuel my huron up and needed money out to do so. Huron was filled with meth and was a risky play to get money out. This guy rolls up, doesn't say a word and just shoots me. I don't know if he was speaking in the wrong chat or not. He wouldn't come to TS since i disputed and nothing came of the case since hardly any support members was on to deal with it. I waited 30mins for a support member like. You can see in the video as soon as i roll up the guy on the roof shoots at me, which i didnt realise at the time.

Compensation Amount:
Spar-16 with 6 mags full advanced rebel gear set and wetsuit. 350k

Confirmation of legitimacy:
I understand and agree.

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comp request declined

you must get the comp from the player himself or

you must first post a Player Report which has to be accepted.



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