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Compensation Request - [B.X.T] Joe - 06/26/19 (Altis Life)

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Time Submitted: 01:59:30 PM | 06/26/19
Submitted By: Joeker9912 (5483)

In-Game Name:
[B.X.T] Joe

Steam / Player ID:

Date of Event:

Link to evidence (player report or video):

Details of Event:
RDM, I thought i was still in the initiation time frame, however, upon second thought i can clearly see that i should have re-initiated and completely apologize for this error. Being intimidated by larger groups should never break focus of rules, and proper vehicle initiation is paramount.

Compensation Amount:
I've had alot of time to self evaluate, reviewing the footage of what I did wrong and how clear it has become i've broke Phoenix RP Rules. After carefully reviewing the follow rules I feel if my ban was lifted I could avoid breaking those rules again going forward.

"Vehicle Initiation - Initiating on another person's vehicle can only happen through Direct Chat and must be clear enough for the other party to hear.
Threatening to shoot someone's tires is not considered valid player initiation.
You must be visible at the time of initiation for it to be considered valid
Shooting someone's tires is considered one way initiation and the other persons in the vehicle may return fire.
You may not initiate on another vehicle whilst you are sitting in a vehicle.
You may not initiate on a vehicle that is moving to fast to hear the initiation.
You must give sufficient time to allow the other person to comply with your demands.
Before attempting to disable a vehicle, you must verbally initiate on the vehicles tyres."

- If my ban was lifted I would relish the opportunity to be apart of the community again. Thanks, Joe

Confirmation of legitimacy:
I understand and agree.

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