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Compensation Request - Nixon Great / Antonio Arellano - 06/16/19 (Altis Life)

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Time Submitted: 07:06:12 PM | 06/16/19
Submitted By: Nixon (7990)

In-Game Name:
Nixon Great / Antonio Arellano

Steam / Player ID:

Date of Event:

Link to evidence (player report or video):

Details of Event:
I was waiting for my friend to get revived before restart, went up hospital stairs and died due to a glitch in the railings.

Compensation Amount:
mtp uniform, katiba, 23 6.5 mags, rook, 4 9mm mags, bergen mtp, mk carrier rig, enhanced helmet, full nightvision mask, all adds up to around 350k correct me if im wrong

Confirmation of legitimacy:
I understand and agree.

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From the looks of it this seems to be an arma 3 glitch. Sadly we don't comp those sort of things as seen below. Arma 3 glitches are something we can't control meaning we can't comp it. 




Because of that, I need to decline this comp request.


Locked & Moved

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