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Compensation Request - ye - 06/15/19 (Altis Life)

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Time Submitted: 12:11:24 PM | 06/15/19
Submitted By: Lucanova (3443)

In-Game Name:

Steam / Player ID:

Date of Event:

Link to evidence (player report or video):
video of death-https://youtu.be/h9NvIfBBOJ4 loadout-https://gyazo.com/60079ebb115becbf6de44ea173b350f1

Details of Event:
I was on my way to do a weapon parts run, however on my way I wanted to check out what the forger does. Whilst at the forger I get jump bugged and die and didn't get revived because there were no medics online. Also I think is a dev bug because the building with the forger is locked when it is meant to be a public building for people to just use like any other. I don't know if getting jump incapped like that is compable but I lost a lot of money for basically no reason which is out of my control.

Compensation Amount:
type 115-200k
stealth suppressor-70k
ghille suit-85k
bergen backpack-100k
carrier rig vest-50k
cash on hand-650k
full night vis mask-30k
defender helmet-18k

total- 1,237,000 

Confirmation of legitimacy:
I understand and agree.

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Dying by using the jump script is not something that we comp for.

But maybe an exception can be made since it was a dev issue, Therefore this comp request will be On Hold.


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Denied, we don't compensate with the use of the jump script

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