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PhoenixRP Events Team

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PhoenixRP Events Team

What will you do?

You will help create, plan and manage events on the Altis Life server representing PhoenixRP

How can you join?

To join the Events team you just have to fill out this application and wait for a response 

How will joining benefit you?

It will show that you are dedicated to the community and are willing to put time into it to make it more enjoyable, increasing your chances for future positions within PhoenixRP

Who Can Apply?

Anyone can apply from normal community members through to staff members, this team is completely open

Apply Now

Application Status: 

Altis Life: Open

if you don't get a response within 30 days then your application has been declined


Event Team Feedback and Complaints

If you have any complaints or feedback about any of the events team members or about events, please send me a message on the forums
I will respond and deal with them asap



Can I apply if I was banned (TB, DSC, GB, CB) <- anyone can apply regardless of your circumstances however since you will be representing PhoenixRP we will take into account your history and will deal with it on a case by case system

Can I suggest an event even if I'm not in the team? <- anyone can suggest an event but you will very rarely be brought in to manage it unless you are in the team. Despite this, we will still credit the person who suggested the event in as many ways as we can

Who can I contact to speak privately about concerns with the events team? <- you can speak to the events team lead however all members of the events team would be willing to help answer your questions as well

When is the next event taking place? <- You can ask someone in the team and they might answer or wait for an announcement to be placed on the forums

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Have any Event ideas for in the future?

You can now send in an event idea by filling in this form

*the events will be looked at and discussed during an event meeting and there is no guarantee that your event will be held*


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