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been banned

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so ive been banned tried to resolve it via team speak and apparently i was on-line as the hacker even tho the time they where saying i was on-line, i tried to get in and it said i was banned so i was unable to physical get on-line. i also donated £20 to the server so why would i wast my money by hacking 
ArmA 3 2019.04.28 -
this footage was what the hacker did to me and my friend at 19:22 on the 28.04.19 that was the last time i logged on 

these are pic's of when the videos when created so you can see what times i tryed to get on the server and the time i was last in the server 
i was last in the sever at 19:22
and the lasted time i tryed to get on thee server was 20:52 3 mines before the hacker was online 
the time i was given that the hacker was online was 20:55 and in the video you can see i was banned before then so there was no possible way i could of been in the server as the hacker at the time they said i was  
in this video it shows i tried to log on before the time i was said to be on as the hacker, this proves that i could not get on the server and that i was banned before i was said to be logged on as the hacker.

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