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For those getting DDoS

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For those who clicked on the fake link you are most likely getting DDoS.


You have three options.


1. Unplug your router

Leave it unplugged for around 10 mins and if your router isn't static then you will get a new IP and your problem will be fixed.


2. Call your provider

If this doesnt work then that means your router is static, you must call up your internet service provider and ask to have your IP changed. Explained to them that you are constantly being DDoSed and you NEED you IP to be changed. This means you may go without internet for an hour or two but it should be fixed.


3. wait

Your IP changes every once and awhile and by that i mean every couple of months.


4. cry


im just repeating what i've heard. dont ask me no questions. i aint no computer guy.



Good Luck!

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