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Player Report - NAF ZeeVo - 04/15/19 - Altis Life

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Time Submitted: 07:48:42 PM | 04/15/19
Submitted By: finley (7732)

Your In-Game Name:

Who are you reporting?:

Time/Date of event:
8:43 8th april

Rule's Broken:

Explain what happened:
warning shotted a heli and thair gang opened fire

Evidence (Video/Screenshot):

Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?:

Support Member Involved?:
Charlie Wong and Clemex

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Admin the video clearly starts with his gun aimed so you can clearly see he was already shooting!

I and my friends were trying to do helicopter runs when about 5 Trucks pulled up. I was on the opposite island collecting Coral. They decide to shoot at our helicopters more than 6 times. We in self-defence then shoot back as it is gang initiation. We kill all of them and then they claim we were hacking (In game - Breaking RP ).

They then do not attempt to contact us properly on TeamSpeak where our gang lobby is located, instead, they pretend to contact an admin almost 2 hours later and state they have been RDM'd.

The logs should clearly show that they shot more than 3 times without a doubt. They also wanted us to give them money despite us saying they need to fill out a compensation request. The description of their report is quite poor, to be frank, and is very vague of the whole situation.




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Admins can also clearly see if someone is cheating. My friend has worked on another server for a long time and can tell!

I am also in a gang with a member of the support team so why would I cheat!

It doesn't add up at all, the video is insufficient and their story keeps changing.



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i shot 2 in front 2 behind just found out they were invalid as i have to do 3 both sides unsuppressed so my bad



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