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PhoenixRP FiveM Event: Animal Mayhem

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Animal Mayhem

The local wildlife rangers have reported an odd migrational behaviour with the animals related to water sources in the Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay area. Due to many water suppliers who provide water to the city also using the same water sources it has resulted in household animals escaping and looking for new water sources!

How will it work?

  • Staff members will use an animal skin of their choice and will roam around the city
  • Players will have to use melee weapons or a semi automatic pistol of their choice to kill then animals (tasers can be used as well)
  • For each animal killed the killing player will be awarded £20,000
  • For any mountain lions killed the killing player will be awarded £25,000
  • This event will start from 6 pm on Saturday (16/03/2019) and will end at 9 pm
  • You may kill the animals on sight however police still will be allowed to enforce the law on you
  • The animals will not attack you, however, some of the more dangerous animals such as the mountain lions will be allowed to attack if provoked by a player trying to harm the animal
  • Animals will be found in and around the Los Santos City area
  • Police will be allowed to taze the animals and then put them down with a baton or pistol
  • Once the animal is killed the staff member will revive them-self and hand over the money to the killing player
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