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Ban Appeal - enzrah - 03/13/19 - Altis Life

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Time Submitted: 10:11:17 PM | 03/13/19
Submitted By: Enzrah (488)

In-Game Name:

Steam / Player ID:

Administrator who issued ban:
dont know

Date of ban:

In your opinion, why were you banned?:

What reason was given for your ban?

Why should you be unbanned?
I came back to the server and duped to try and get an easy start which I know was stupid but i regret that now, I don't want to be banned from here and will not break any server rules from here on out I'm willing to accept a full wipe and can only apologise for being stupid again, not sure of date or admin

What platform / server were you banned on?:
Altis Life

Link to initial report (if applicable):

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