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VDM rule Clarification And Change to the NLR rule

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VDM rule Clarification And Change to the NLR rule

Due to recent events we have had a few complaints regarding the clarification and changes of specific rules, 

Firstly, the NLR rule has changed back to how it was previously. meaning you MAY NOT return to nor be within 1.5km of the same Roleplay situation regardless of time. exception being if you have been RDM'd then please send a staff message advising a staff member prior to rejoining the situation. 

The second change relates to the interpretation of the VDM rule, Previously Hovering overhead another Heli hindering them from taking off has been against the rules. Previously gangs were exploiting this in game and altering or ruining other players experiences on the server.  With the introduction of the Roleplay Standard rule (see rule 2.9) this can now be allowed. Please be cautious as if you hover over someone with the intention to rob them with little to no Roleplay you will still be receiving a ban. 

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