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Dimitri Donkov

Skinned clothes

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Make skinned clothes skinned for everyone. This would make more RP. E.G Rebels looking like cops/havoc. Maybe if you steal a cop/havoc GPS you are on the cops/havoc Radar as that player too? 

Side note, if you steal a cop/havoc radio you could listen in on the cop/Havoc communications?

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A) because: 

  • 4.1 Clothing - Police, AMS, HAVOC and SO1 clothing may not be given to or worn by civilians. Civilians/rebels may not demand them to drop their uniform, however, they may request that Police and HAVOC drop their vest(s) and hat(s).

B) because its a bit OP and it wouldn't be very practical since once you have a cop radio there is no way to monitor if its a cop / rebel radio meaning i can just log on and claim i have a cop one

C) the GPS idea is good but i think it would be extremely unfair on the people you are using it against

so -1 to all of this

however, if you are talking about gang skins being skinned 4 every1, the vehicles already are but the clothing i dont see why not

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