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Officer of the Island. SPC Tom Birkett

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Without a doubt the best Police Officer on the island. My group have had numerous interactions with the Police, being chased for wearing a mask, or other very petty things. All this does is make us less tolerant of the Police and more likely to make us want to seek revenge against them. This officer should be some sort of Rebel Liaison, he has been fair with us, followed the laws but been very reasonable. His common sense on the job makes him the greatest assest on the force. A credit to the Police force! Great work SPC Tom Birkett.

The RP he engages in is excellent and seems effortless, really had made us think twice about our actions in certain scenarios!

@Max Please let this officer know how much he is valued by us!

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This thing will be helping him .. And he is already doing really well.

Actually i was just reading that feedback that you have send about him, Since you already send a feedback in the police feedback form, It'll help him a lot and you recommended him in the forum as well.

Thank you very much for recommending one of my officers .. I do really appreciate that.

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