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Ban Appeal - RossL - 02/10/19 - Altis Life

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Time Submitted: 03:47:43 PM | 02/10/19
Submitted By: Crudepeach (7159)

In-Game Name:

Steam / Player ID:

Administrator who issued ban:

Date of ban:

In your opinion, why were you banned?:
Falsely for "Hacking".

What reason was given for your ban?

Why should you be unbanned?
I was chilling in Athira by the car shop waiting for my friend to join, when a randomer rolls up in his wet suit, drops it and a bunch of money around him. I do what the average would do and try pick it up with no success (it was just prop). Then he spawns in a crate by him which I proceed to run up to, to see whats inside. The admin in question (badger) then appears and the hacker runs away through Athira. I stay by the crate and Badger, and try to communicate with him. Then straight after he bans me, the worst part is he didn't even know if I was cheating and just banned me instead which highlights a serious problem with your justice system. Permanent bans should not be given out if someone is in close proximity to a cheater.

What platform / server were you banned on?:
Altis Life

Link to initial report (if applicable):

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Just so there is no dispute I managed to grab the recording of whilst I was playing and upload it to youtube:

Audio doesn't record as this is auto-recording and ruins my file size. If requested i can start adding my audio in to these clips. Thank you for watching and I hope for my swift unban.

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