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The Johnsons I Open for Hire!

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Welcome to the Johnsons



The Johnsons are a bespoke Security and Law firm. We ensure two things; People and Tangible Property are secure. when a price is made, and that should somebody require legal-aid, it is given to them.

That being said, the Johnsons does also run a secret-drug cartel. Not quite the rebellious cruelty you see, our senior officers are understanding, which means they prefer to take the illegality out within a court room or any other form of litigation. Mediation's typically the best. The security and law firm are, essentially, a cover. Money Laundering is a bit of a tough legal-area, but it just so happens a tough-legal nut runs the joint.


What we offer


Legal Solutions;

We offer bespoke legal support, whether you're appealing a conviction, need to get-out a conviction, or require any general legal aid when it comes to corporate matters, all the way down to the most minor criminal matter, Johnsons Attorneys are at your disposal.

Please PM @Mr_Lightnin' with your Legal request, following the below template, and I'll reply with a potential fee;


Template Start

Your In-Game Name:

Your-Forum Name:

Your Employment Status:

Your Current Legal Issue (Brief Explanation):

Parties Involved with this Legal Issue:

Template End


Security Solutions;

We offer a bespoke Security Solution, which depends on the circumstance which you require it, whether it'd be Manned Guarding, Patrols, Convoy Protection, MVP Transport. We do, sincerely, take the life of our customers seriously, which means customers life comes before ours.

Please PM @Mr_Lightnin' with your Legal request, following the below template, and I'll reply with a potential fee;



Template Start

Your In-Game Name:

Your Forum Name:

Your Employment Status:

Position of Employment with current affiliation (If applicable): (IE: Rank)

Security Solution Required:

Do you required Johnson-Supplied Transport for Johnson-Security-Staff?:

Do you required automatic/semi-automatic firearms?:

Parties involved with issue requiring Security (If applicable):

Template End


Meet the Directors




Managing Director of Law

Steven Johnson

A Corporate/Criminal Lawyer, both; Solicitor and Barrister, works with companies, defendants, prosecutors and ensures an outcome is met. Unlike most western lawyers, he doesn't like the 'dramatisation' of the law. He understands that there are typically outcomes that aren't always the prettiest, but aims to get the best for his clients. He runs the legal-routine of the corporation. The Johnsons Attorneys at Law and Security Firm is a legitimate business. Despite running a successful drug-cartel, he wishes to aid those requiring legal-aid.


Managing Director of Security Solutions

Bob Johnsons

Brother of Steven Johnson, Bob is the managing director of the Security-side of the corporation. He fronts most exercises conducted by the Johnsons, at the moment with a small-crack team of trained individuals. He is looking to expand his team, to ensure the co-ran drug-cartel is still operating at full capacity, with a security detail. Despite the drug-cartel, his legal business is offering MVP transport, or protection, to those who can afford the cost of A-Class protection.






Chain of Command



 Managing Director of Law and Security Solutions

(Obviously at the Top)


General Manager of Law

The General Manager of Law looks over the legal-aspect of the corporation, alike the Managing Director, almost as a supervisory role. He/She is 2IC of the Legal-Side of the corporation.


General Manager of Security Solutions

The General Manager of Security Solutions looks over the Security-Side of the corporation, alike the Managing Director, almost as a supervisory role. He/She is 2IC of the Security-Solutions of the corporation.


Dispute Resolution Manager

The Dispute Resolution Manager is a hands-on role. Bypassing the authority of the GM's, they report straight to both MD's. They are the role that resolves any disputes the Johnsons may be having with other Businesses, Cartels, Gangs or local Authorities, whether they do this by mediation or force. They get the job done.


Protection and Distribution Managers

The PDM is responsible for the protection and distribution of all produce. Working with the GM'SS, they are to ensure that all goods are supervised by a senior security-member, and that the 'produce' is always well-kept after. This is an essential for distribution.


Office/Staff Managers

The O'SMs are responsible for recruitment drives, ensuring staff's roles and data is kept on-top of, and the general office-working is kept up to a suitable standard. They are involved with the GM'L ensuring that all staff are properly accounted for and that bonuses are being paid should they be due. They are also to work with the below 'Purchasing Manager' to ensure that Corporate budget is being adhered to and that everything purchased is being bought and supplied for a suitable reason.


Contractor Operator & Contractor

A Contractor is a a role within the corporation itself. It's not a specially-significant role, but is an additional role to; Senior/Junior Solicitor and Senior/Junior Security Staff. It is their responsibility, when given a 'contact' to fulfill that contract. A contract is any mission too delicate for a full Corporate-Ran Operation. A contract operator may alone, or with a team of Contractors, seek out to fulfill the requirements of a mission. Missions are given from a General-Manager level or above and could be anything. The Contractor must be able to fulfill their mission-statement, without other members or general-players knowing. This is a need-to-know role.



A Barrister is within the Senior-Partner 'ranks' of the Legal-Side of the Corporation. They are involved in the production of all work, and have the authority to request Senior/Junior Solicitors to perform personal favors. They may not abuse their ranks, but what the MD's don't know won't hurt. Barristers will also be the one to ensure any member of the Corporation is protected from Local-Authorities in respect to the law. Should any member be caught by the local-authorities, a Barrister is to be deployed immediately to resolve or mediate the situation. This role requires legal-practice and the passing of an Altis-Laws Exam (ALE) run by Office/Staff Managers.


Operations Supervisors

An Ops Supervisor is within the Senior-Ranks of the Security Solutions side of the corporation. They are involved with the production of the work, but have the authority to run small security-operations, such as local or small 'runs'. This can be either legitimate-legal MVP runs, or private-runs within the Corporations during 'production distribution'. This role requires a Security-Industry Assessment (SIA) run by Office/Staff Managers.


Senior and Junior Solicitors

Solicitors are on relatively equal-terms. The separation between Senior and Junior is merely a form of progression significance. Solicitors are involved in the field. During this time, they should be ensuring 'production' deadlines are met, all the while studying for their ALEs. Once their ALEs are passed, and the are sought as a reasonable and suitable candidate for promotion to Barristers, they will be given the opportunity. One significant distinction between Junior and Senior Solicitors, is that 'bonuses' are only given to those in Senior-Soliciting positions and above. This is to ensure new-recruits don't take the bonuses without having been invested with the corporation, and then fail to attend regularly. Junior Solicitors will remain Junior until the activity is at a stage where it is acceptable for Seniority to take place. This promotion happens at any stage with the General Manager or above's discretion.


Senior and Junior Security Staff

Security Staff, alike Solicitors, are kept on relatively equal-terms. The separation between Senior and Junior is merely a form of progression Significance. Security Staff are involved within the field. They are to aid Solicitors in their production means, however, have the sole responsibility of ensuring the protection of Solicitors and their accounted for 'production material'. All tangible property, including staff, is the safety-concern. All Security Staff have but 3 chances. If a Security Staff fails to protect or secure personnel or production material or tangible property, three times or more, they face disciplinarians and demotions. They can be demoted and face more severe punishments than Solicitors, simply because it is their responsibility.


Un-Ranked  and Recruits

Of course, all members will start off as a Recruit. This is to involve them within the Field as much as possible, to ensure Supervisors and Barristers, and the relevant managers, see their potential. Recruits are not technically affiliated with either side of the corporation, and therefore will only be considered 'producers' of distributed materials. Recruits may wish to show a significant interest in a certain side of the corporation, but placement of that individual is considered by the O'SMs. Promotions may happen at any time, but never before the 5 hour mark of their initial induction into the Corporation. In the instance of demoted or un-ranked individuals, they are not recruits or new inductions, but those who have either been; Apart of the Corporation for more than 1 week or Those who have previously obtained a rank, no-matter how insignificant. This means that those who have been a Recruit for more than 1 week, or those who have been demoted from a previously-held rank, are at the bottom of the food chains, and therefore only have the responsibility of producing distributed material.


Responsibilities of all ranks can be found within the Johnsons Family Handbook (JFH), and therefore are expected to be met. All ranks have the minimum responsibility of producing drugs. This is exempt in the replacement of other responsibilities, in the cases of Barristers/Senior Legal Staff and Security Staff. Ultimately, the safety of the staff of the Corporation is another minimum responsibility, unless, in the instance of paid protection. Please read the handbook for more details.[/spoiler/


How to Join

The Johnsons Family is new! We have plenty of roles to fill, but we do expect members to follow a some-what professional progression. Some roles are multi-purpose, meaning some roles can be conducted by the same person, so we're open to applications, but we are not going to accept every individual who applies.

Nonetheless, please feel free to apply!

As of right now, there are no real requirements. All we ask is that you are expecting to role-play properly, and follow the rules. We are looking to expand the Johnsons Family, and potentially recruit new Managing Partners to include more active-role-play and therefore dominate the server!


If you wish to apply to join the gang, please either Private Message @Mr_Lightnin' via forum PM or comment on this thread using the application format below. Good luck!




Application Format


(Please copy as of below)

- - -

General Info

Your in-game name:

Your steam-name:

Your Teamspeak and/or Discord name:

Your current in-game balance (Total):

Your Current hours on Arma 3:

- - -


What (if any) previous gangs/businesses have you worked for/with?:

What Licenses do you currently have?:

Are you currently a home-owner?:

Why would you like to join the Johnsons' Family?:

What do you think you can bring to TJF?:

What's your biggest Skill?:

What is your biggest Weakness?:

What area would you like to join, within TJF?:

- - -


Please answer with a yes or a no.

Do you accept that your rank and membership can and will be stripped without warning should you;

Violate Server Rules?:

Violate TJF Corporation Standards?:


Do you accept that within role-play, you may be found guilty of a crime within the Johnson Family Corporation regardless of your own actions?:

Do you accept that, despite a Barrister (or Higher's) best efforts, you may still be charged and imprisoned?:


Do you agree;

To role-play properly, according to the server's rule and the Corporation Standards;

To abide by the Chain of Command and their responsibilities and privileges?:

To role-play actively, to ensure the Corporation is well-maintained?: 



 Kind Regards, Steven K. Johnson,

Managing Director of Law at Johnsons Attorneys Limited trading as 'The Johnsons'


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Recent News:


The Firm has recently undergone a complete re-development. Following a Lawsuit, R v Johnson S. and another; R v Johnson B. (2018) Q.B 695, it was held that our staff now have the ability to get something called a "Bonus". This Bonus can come from going above-and beyond the expected requirements for their role. This is a little bit harder in the terms of Security Staff, but an alternative measure has been implemented. Security Staff are now able to earn 'medals' and 'badges', of which, will aid in selecting people for promotions, or can be transferred into financial-rewards.

A Johnson Family handbook is undergoing development. It will be posted here, and implemented into the above post, once completed. It will have all of the necessary information, regarding the conditions of employment, as well as expected standards of all employees.

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This thread has been updated for member's convenience.


- Everything has been segregated into 'Spoilers'

- Applications to request legal aid has been added

- Applications to request security-solutions have been added

- Website has been re-added

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