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The Johnsons

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Hi! Me and My brother are the Johnsons!

We run a small firm, and have started it up here in Altis! You can find me by contacting my Mobile services, or if I'm off-the-grid, you can check out our website here.

Our Firm is a Law/Security firm, offering bespoke services tailored to your needs. Contact us for further details!

- - -

A little bit about me;

I studied Law when I was 18, in the UK, and I offered my experience to the world. Having been shot down and employed primarily by my father, Taylor Johnson, who also runs a Security Firm himself, me and my Brother found it necessary to find our own in life. We moved to Altis looking for a dream. A wonderland. Now we're getting there with a few local friends, and we're opening up our own brand spanking new Law and Security Solutions Firm! I'm now 28, my brother, Bob, is 30. We're currently living in our offices, but working up enough to buy a residency of our own.

- - -

My Personality:

I'm a friendly and fairly honest individual, but being a Lawyer, I work around the law however I can. I abstain from physical-contact and don't like getting too involved with fire-fights, that's why I opened a Security-Branch in my Firm! I work around the issue by solving it my way. I, oddly enough, have a dark-side (as every lad does). People who will RP with me will notice that my innocence is a little bit over-rated and seemingly too good to be true... I mean, where are the Associates of my firm? Why is it 'always' me on the front-line for Johnsons Attorneys Ltd? Ah well, I'm sure it's not a white-collar cover up!

- - -

I am relatively new, so please go light on me lol. I look forward to meeting everyone in the near future! :D


~Steve Johnson

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3 hours ago, Cobra The OG said:

Well hopefully you guys can lead the revolution of lawyers on the island I look forward to see you guys. 


26 minutes ago, ✝ Трелони-высокий класс ✝ said:

Welcome, hopefully you can lead the next revolution. Previous one was a few months ago

Revolution sounds good hehe

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Good Luck, and have fun! See you around most likely as my own lawyer 😛

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