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Ban Appeal - Luckii - 12/15/18 - Altis Life

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Time Submitted: 08:41:23 PM | 12/15/18
Submitted By: Luckii (2735)

In-Game Name:

Steam / Player ID:

Administrator who issued ban:
David B

Date of ban:

In your opinion, why were you banned?:
Because i died in a situation and i returned

What reason was given for your ban?
Breaking NLR

Why should you be unbanned?
I think i should be unbanned because i know i was in the wrong in this situation however it was not intentional, the rule break was not intentional because it was a big misunderstanding, i accept that in the end i broke a rule but i asked sean if i could return as in my eyes he broke the NVL rule and sean replied with as long as you have a video of a clear rule break, now i assumed that NVL was a clear rule break therefore i returned and soon after i was called to support. I accept what i done was wrong and i should read more carefully and take more precautions next time but i think that the 5 day ban was a bit too much as it was unintentional and i have never been banned for something like this before, i would have happily taken a warning or note as i did break a rule. (P.S. I go on holiday in 5 days so if i do wait the ban period i wont have been on for a long time :()

What platform / server were you banned on?:
Altis Life

Link to initial report (if applicable):

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I'm not going to lie to you .. You have a long history with us and your profile full of warnings and previous banned's.

Anyway long story short .. You said you have never been banned for NLR before that's correct but you already have a warning about NLR before .. When an admin dealing with someone he'll be having a look at the whole profile and after that decide the punishment that should be given .. And you know your own profile i'm not going to tell you about that.

And since it was unintentionally rule break as you said .. I see it as fair punishment .. And it can be even longer then that.

You are allowed to re-appeal in 2 days.


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