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Altis Server Event: Wild West Shootout

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Wild West Shootout

Are you ready cowboy? Wanting to let off some steam in a western style duel? Phoenix RP is about to provide!

There has been an nostalgic feel going around the island where people are acting out classic duels from the western era just for the fun of it. To be apart of this, the government are setting up a western style event on the island providing the residents with pistols and a flat area to express their love of the western era by simply shooting each other!

This is how it will work:

  • This event will be hosted by the Event Team and Community Manager.
  • This event will be at the huge football field  near Kavala
  • People who are playing need to register with Staff who are there as they will have a document that shows who is fighting who. 
  • After the event starts, anyone who wants to register will be put as a reserve until someone leaves freeing their spot. 
  • Two people will get pistols with no mags in it (Provided by the Staff involved)
  • The Two people will stand back to back until the Staff member starts counting down. Once the countdown begins, the two people start walking slowly towards the direction they are looking at. Once the countdown has ended (After 1), the two people need to spin around and kill the other opponent using the pistol given to them. Winner of that round will move onto the next one leading to the final 2. 


This Saturday from 5 PM GMT, Staff will notify you in-game when its starting!


Winner Price :
1st : 3.000.000

2nd : 2.000.000

3rd : 1.000.000


We hope to see you all for this event, there will be an event on the same day as well so we hope you can make it to at least one of them.

 Thanks, Events Team


Credit goes to @Max for this event as he did this before just not as an official event. 

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