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On 10/29/2018 at 8:44 PM, Cryant said:

What is citizenship?

On our server we are allowed 3 character slots, we want to develop this in such a way that each character has his/her own story that continues to evolve through roleplay, Acquiring Citizenship means that you have an established character within the fivem server that will come with its own perks and rewards.

Becoming a Citizen will mean that you will have to fill out a form and then wait to be accepted, once accepted you will have your character posted on our citizenship page, you are limited to 3 citizens, for each citizen that gets approved you will receive 100,000 XP and the opportunity to apply for whitelisted jobs in the future. If your character gets denied Citizenship then please feel free to try again.
You will be expected to play your Citizen in similar fashion every time you join the server in accordance with your Citizen profile. EG  your profile says you are a reputable businessman that deals in law and a personality trait that goes against violence - then if you go on to rob a bank - you may be questioned after the situation is over on why your character decided to do this.
As a citizen you will be showing the community that you are willing to roleplay, this will increase roleplay in the server by developing your character and relationships with the police service and other citizens.

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