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Only 93

LSPD Police Application - Only 93 (11/08/18)

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Time Submitted: 08:20:21 PM | 11/08/18
Submitted By: Only 93 (6445)

Full Character Name:
Alexander Bjørn Palnæs Hansen

Date of Birth


Character RP Story:
I've been following the police a lot and I'm very interested in all kinds of police work.

Why do you want to join LSPD?:
I'm very interested in police work. I follow a lot of police tv, fx. Cops (the American version) and PolitiJagt (the Danish version). I would love to be a part of the lspd community.

Why should we choose you over other candidates?:

I'm a very good English speaker, and I've been playing a lot of lspdfr, so you can kinda say, I have some experience.

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Dear Alexander

Thank you for your application for the above position

After very careful consideration, I regret to inform you that, on this occasion, your application has not been successful for the following reason:

Lack of effort

May I take this opportunity to thank you for the interest you have shown and wish you every success in finding a suitable position

Yours Sincerely
Sanders, Assistant Chief Constable of Los Santos Police Department

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