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Bye for now

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I am going to be stepping down from my positions in the AMS,LSMS aswell as the APC, due to ongoing issues within my personal life i cannot meet the time required each week and think its unfair for me to be taking up slots that other people could put to better use as of right now, I hope i can come back one day in the near future but as of right now it is goodbye. Thanks you to all the medics and a special thanks to @JinX @Peter Andrews@Nathan01@Cyber Freak and @Max for making the server so enjoyable and just being all around great lads.

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I don't think i should say that anymore since i'm not leading medics anymore .. But seriously thank you for everything you did to the faction ..

There is some names in AMS that i can't forget you're 100% one of them ❤️.

Hope everything goes well in your life .. And hope to see you around in TS from time to time. 

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