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LSPD Police Application - Eastham (09/14/18)

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Time Submitted: 01:39:57 PM | 09/14/18
Submitted By: Eastham (3310)

Full Character Name:

Date of Birth


Character RP Story:
my name is lordnutsalot, i came from England when i was just a kid to los santos, i grew up in a rough neighborhood surrounded by guns, drugs, violence. my father was shot whilst on his way home from work, he was a police officer. he worked the streets for 20 years, then some punk kid gunned him down the kid was only 16. me and my mother struggled with life for a while but i decided to make a change and follow in my fathers footsteps. i joined the police force in los santos i was a officer for a while until the big one happened, we lost alot of men and women that day, took us a while to rebuild, i had to leave the force to look after my mother while it all settled down, now am back and ready to work for the finest crime fighters out there.

Why do you want to join LSPD?:
i have experience a police officer before the big one happened. i was on the beat everyday and i committed to the job. i love helping people and i would love to get back to fighting crime and show these punks who's the real law around here. I have all my basic training done, blue light and going on the beat with a fellow officer. not sure if you guys have a record of that still

Why should we choose you over other candidates?:

i will be on everyday and committed. i will be the best of the best and i will listen and do as am told. I will respect my commanding officers. if you guys need me i'll be there and i was also on the force once before so i have they experience

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Dear lordnutsalot

Thank you for your application for the above position

After very careful consideration, I regret to inform you that, on this occasion, your application has not been successful for the following reason:

Unappropriate name

May I take this opportunity to thank you for the interest you have shown and wish you every success in finding a suitable position
(A cooldown of one week is giving from this date before eligible for reapplying)

Yours Sincerely
Felix Johnson, Deputy Chief Constable, Los Santos Police Department

Edited by Felix Johnson

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