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I'm not going to lie i don't know you as person .. But i have heard what did you did to APC since you join it and after you got in charge ..

I just want to say thanks for making APC better .. And thanks for everything you did to the community.

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On 8/1/2018 at 11:57 PM, Jim Creosote said:

Well it was a good run and i had a really good time with this community. But i think since I've pretty much become completely inactive, It's time for me to go.

Since a lot of the people i know from this community have already died, I'll tag everyone who is still standing.

Thanks to you guys at the APC for making it a good time:

@Connor Pepe

@Michael Constantino

@Tom Pea



@Jesse Johnson


@Sean Raven



@Lewis Jones

Thanks to you guys in the staff team and Community Board:

@Conner Merlin




And thanks to the guys who made this all possible:



the one and only CSI @Raymond Reddington

and others:



@Jacob Hope

@Paul Walker

@Thomas White


I can't think of anyone else who is still here so for everyone i missed, thanks for the good time!

o7 My man ❤️

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