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Conner Merlin

Gang Base - Auction (August)

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Gang Base Auction

Its come to that time of the month again, all the gang bases are for sale again. This Auction is open until Midnight on the 5th. Below are some screenshots of the different gang bases up for sale:



Molos Bay Gang Base



Zaros Gang Base


Frini Gang Base



If your gang would like to purchase one of these bases please reply to the below post in the following format:

Gang Name:

Gang Base:


Min Bid: £30,000,000

Any post that is not following the above format will be deleted. The highest bid for each base will win and the money will be taken from their gang funds. Good luck to all the gangs! 

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Gang Name: Kells Blackwater 

Gang Base: Zaros Gang Base

 Bid: 30mil

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