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Chris Dyrling

LSPD Police Application - Chris Dyrling (07/23/18)

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Time Submitted: 12:40:30 PM | 07/23/18
Submitted By: Chris Dyrling (5424)

Full Character Name:
Chris Dyrling

Date of Birth


Character RP Story:
I came from Stratis and that was tough and hard for me to leave that island. The war was on it highest point back then when I left the island. I have learned several things from being on the island, and that is fx flying helicopters and handling weapons (I was in the army). Then I went to Tanoa where the currency was weird and I didn't understand a word of everything they said over there. So then did I chose that there must be somewhere else which is beautiful, and my decision went on Altis, and here have I planted my life. I came with a plane to Altis Airport and here did a pilot in the British Airways standing and take people to Kavala. I then went to Kavala with the pilot and went to pick some apples and peaches and here am I standing now with 3 houses and 2 garages split over the island of Altis.

Why do you want to join LSPD?:
I want to join the LSPD because I have the required commitment. I know how to deal with different types of people. I am very socially competent. I am patient and tolerant. I perform well in stressful conditions. I have effective listening skills. I like working in a team environment. I have some qualities of leadership. I know how to initiate new ideas and to motivate people around me. And of course, I look for a challenging work environment. I have always liked the police and the work that they are doing am I appreciating.

The way that I will make Altis a safer place is by pulling over every single speeding person. I will make them follow the law, and also make sure that there is no person there is above the law. I will be patrolling around in the illegal areas, and will off cause try to do my best to stop those things there is happening at those places such as drugs and weapons. I will try to stop the illegal activities of smuggling weapons onto the island. If I need to and have got some intel that there are some illegal things in fx. a house, this house will be broken into to see and investigate the situation. I will go around in Kavala, Agios, and Athira, where I will be questioning different people if they feel that they are safe, and also get some response from the aswell for what we can do better. I will also off cause ask them out if they have heard anything big there will happen of rebel activity on the island of Altis.

Why should we choose you over other candidates?:

Well, I have always admired the police. The way they put their life in danger to protect the hobos of Altis has always been a strong thought in my mind. I have always wanted to be part of the police force in Altis and have always admired them. I have always liked to Role-Play, I have always preferred role playing my way out of situations than fighting my way out. I always like to keep a high level of roleplay at all times. I absolutely love talking to the people of Altis and find myself a very social person. I see a lot of opportunities in the police force and can see myself having a lot of fun with the hobos and rebels of Altis. I am ready to give up my hobo-ish, rebel life style for a high quality policing life style."

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