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Mechanic Application - Corzaaa7 (05/14/18)

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Time Submitted: 09:34:38 PM | 05/14/18
Submitted By: Corzaaa7 (4493)

In-Game Name:


Steam ID:


Age / DoB:

15 / 07/02/2003

In your own words, what is the meaning of RP:

The meaning of RP is to still have fun and enjoy the game but make it a bit more realistic and controlled. For example you wont see people roaming the streets in tanks blowing up civilians because the admins will be quick to stop it. Also aif you are role playing the game is much slower making it feel like there is more to do.

Character RP Story:
In the past i haven't been a dedicated role i have always been a civilian, but i have always wanted to be something a bit more important and i feel like it would a better role as a mechanic or a police officer.

Why would you like to be a mechanic:

I would like to become a mechanic because through the past experiences with this server the mechanics are always there to help and make people happy to see them. i feel like there are not always enough mechanic on duty and i now i play the server fairly often i have been crashing my car a lot and having to leave my car in the middle of nowhere because there is not a mechanic on duty. My final reason is that it will benefit me and other i am playing with.

How much time are you willing to put into being a Mechanic:


Do you have any experience with cars/being a mechanic:

I dont have any past experiences of being a mechanic but i would like the be one because they seem very helpful and fun and thats all i want. To be helpful and have fun while doing it.

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Unfortunately This application process is Invalid at this Present time, However, If you are interested in joining the Mechanics, Please ask either Ched or Chris if there is a vacancy available in their workforce In-Game. Thank you and I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

- Pennywise

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@Corzaaa7 Unfortunately Chris's Bodyshop has to many mechanics already, i am going to work out who i will fire and who i will keep, i will be talking to those guys tonight see what they think and want, don't worry there is still a chance, i will reply back tomorrow with a answer for you and the CBS team (Chris's BodyShop)

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I promised to give you a answer today, and sorry to say but CBS Team is full at this moment, like i said i am working things out with my mechanics so don't give up hope :)

But in main time go onto the server get to know some people and we will talk in-game for sure, if you see Chris on the server that's me.

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