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Glorious Potato

Missing character

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After about 7-8 loads with reinstalls and computer restarts, I've come to the conclusion that my character is in one way or another either gone or inaccessible.


I have personally done nothing to trigger such an event (atleast not intentionally), as the last time I played, I quit the game normally via the "Exit Game".


I would appreciate either my character back, or simply the ability to create a new one with compensation. I can currently not create a new character, as every time I join the server, I become some dude with a backpack in a random location.


In-game name: Glorious Potato


I had ~$500.000-$600.000 in the bank, and cars + tuning/customization worth ~$1.2million (Hustler, Panto, Brioso, and a bike (Don't remember its name, but it's the one that has a commercialised body))

So a total value of ~$1.7million-$1.8million.




If this is the wrong section to report this, I'm sorry.

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